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Download this file (Summer Term Newsletter 1 April 2018.pdf)Summer Newsletter 2018[ ]1096 kB03-05-2018 08:19
Download this file (SPRING TERM February NEWSLETTER 2018.pdf)SPRING TERM February NEWSLETTER 2018.pdf[ ]795 kB09-02-2018 13:20
Download this file (Xmas Newsletter 18.12.17.pdf)Christmas 2017 Newsletter[ ]334 kB19-12-2017 11:29
Download this file (Autumn Newsletter Nov 2017.pdf)Autumn Newsletter Nov 2017[ ]284 kB01-12-2017 14:13
Download this file (EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM - Children modified 13-10-16.pdf)Emergency Contact Form Sept 2017[ ]81 kB21-09-2017 09:45
Download this file (Autumn Term Newsletter 2017 1 (1).pdf)Autumn Newsletter 2017[ ]178 kB21-09-2017 09:43
Download this file (A5 Phil Garden Party invite to Colleagues (1).pdf)Garden Party Invitation[ ]749 kB30-06-2017 13:29
Download this file (Summer Newsletter 2017.pdf)Summer Newsletter 2017[ ]389 kB19-05-2017 14:13
Download this file (TERM DATES 2017 2018 new.pdf)Term Dates 2017/2018[ ]6 kB18-05-2017 12:36
Download this file (Spring Newsletter April 2017.pdf)April 2017 Newsletter[ ]913 kB11-04-2017 12:16
Download this file (Easter Newsletter 2017.pdf)Easter Newsletter 2017.pdf[ ]384 kB08-03-2017 20:47
Download this file (FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER 2017.pdf)FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER 2017.pdf[ ]1079 kB12-02-2017 17:36
Download this file (Spring Newsletter 2017.pdf)Spring Newsletter 2017[ ]231 kB21-01-2017 10:17
Download this file (CHRISTMAS 2016 NEWSLETTER.pdf)Christmas Newsletter 2016[ ]263 kB02-01-2017 11:06
Download this file (AutumnNewsletter2016latestaddition.pdf)3rd Autumn Newsletter 2016[ ]127 kB11-11-2016 09:49
Download this file (AUTUMN-NEWSLETTER-N0-2-2016.pdf)2nd Autumn Newsletter 2016[ ]453 kB16-10-2016 10:46
Download this file (AutumnTermNewsletter2016.pdf)Autumn Term Newsletter 2016[ ]188 kB09-10-2016 16:07
Download this file (End of term newsletter July  2016.pdf)End of term newsletter[ ]430 kB05-09-2016 12:39
Download this file (SUMMER TERM NEWSLETTER 2016.pdf)Summer Term Newsletter[ ]85 kB17-04-2016 19:15

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After School Club runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.30 to 5.00pm. It is accessible to all students from across the school and supported by school staff, many of whom are trained as play leaders. The students participate in activities such as swimming, sports, cooking and messy play and also access the sensory theatres, soft play area and outside play equipment.


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